Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tending Sheep

"There is still the youngest, Jesse answered, "but he is tending the sheep". 1st Samuel 16:11

David was the youngest, the smallest, least likely to be the king. When Samuel came to his house to annoint the new king of Israel, David was last on the list! But God whispered into Samuel's ear, "he is the one, that will lead my people." Even though David was doing a dirty, disgusting, mundane task, God chose him as the new king.

I know that I have been called by God to serve Him with my life. Yet, right now I am in a season of life that is consumed with Little People, Elmo, The Fresh Beat Band and Disney Princesses! Everyday, my life is seemingly consumed with mundane or insignificant activities. I spend most of my days, cleaning house, changing diapers, cooking meals and the many concerns of a stay at home mom. But every morning I take the time spend time in the word and to get on my face and pray to God to help me glorify Him in all of these daily chores. Even though right now I am not standing in front of thousands, in the trenches in the "scary part of the world", or working at a mega church, God is still using me every day. My ministry right now is to raise, teach, disciple and love my daughter so that when she grows up, she will love the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and spirit.

What had God called you to do today? Don't miss out on a blessing that God desires to give you because you feel like you are just tending sheep!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't just talk about it!

"Enough talk something about it!" Those words burned in my head so often during my days at seminary. I went to a VERY conservative seminary and I was around a wide range of people pursuing ministry. I had the privilege to be friends and acquaintances with people that are now doing amazing work for the Lord. People that are in the trenches right now. Whether that trench is living in a foreign country or on staff at a local church. These people are the real deal and they "put their money where their mouth is!" so to speak. But in my seminary days, I was also around people that did ALOT of talking. They were either talking about, debating about or studying about the Bible, theology, religion, etc. I can remember almost at the same time each week a certain group of men would sit around at the local eatery and discuss a variety of subjects, and seemed to know all the answers. Yet, I never saw or heard of them going on a mission trip, serving in their local church or for some of them, just being a nice person!

I am beginning a study on David and a verse stuck out to me this morning about David, his personality and his drive. Psalms 78:72 states, "And David shepherded them with integrity of heart and with skillful hand he led them." David who is called a "man after God's heart", led with both integrity (thoughts and convictions) but also with skillful hands (actions). David did not just hoard the knowledge of God in order to become the smartest and most theological savy of his time, but he applied this knowledge and actually led...He did something.

After reading the above passage and really contemplating about David's life it really convicted me. Am I just content to sit in or lead Bible study after Bible Study but too chicken to step out and actually "do" something for Christ? Am I content to go to church each Sunday, sing the right way, and give the right answers but are not willing to share the gospel with those I come in contact with in my daily life? I want to be called and thought of as a woman after God's heart. So taking a cue from David, I need to start putting "my money where my mouth is"!!!!