Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day 2015

      I have no greater joy in my life than being the wife to Adam and
 the mommy to these precious girls!

  Man of my dreams and wonderful Daddy

Can't wait to watch these two follow the path that God has laid out for them.

I love the snow, I have always loved the snow.  As a child, I used to love to get bundled up, call up my buddies and brave the high hills in my neighborhood.  In college I can remember sitting in my warm apartment with great friends, watching "You've Got Mail" and drinking delicious coffee.  Now as a mom I loved dressing my girls matching mittens, jackets and hats as they create their own memories in the snow.

The snow came in with beautiful, wonderful white flakes, but it was a little unexpectedly and not without its hassles.  As we woke to snow, school closed and streets covered, I had to make a choice.  Like most situations in life, I had to make a choice to react with joy and happiness or with anger and frustration.  I could either look at it as another day "stuck" in the house with my girls or  I could look at it as a time to stay in our pj's a little longer and enjoy extra cuddles.  I could walk around the house snapping at my children for every little child like "mistake" they made or I could focus on making fun memories with my girls.  I was not perfect in staying positive during this impromptu winter break, but I did try to let the positives far out weigh the negatives.  So the next time you are faced with an unexpected, unplanned and possible frustrating situation, instead of choosing disappointment and anger....CHOOSE JOY!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

BE BRAVE! The IF Conference

                                             IF GATHERING 2015

                                           IF GATHERING: Marietta

                                             Our stones of remembrance


It has taken me a week to really process the conference I attended last weekend because there was just so much amazing, great, thought provoking information to digest.  This past weekend, I attended a similcast of the the  IF GATHERING conference. (  To say that it was incredible would be an understatement.  Let me preface this by saying that I have been a Christian since I was eight years old and I have been working "Christian Land" since I was eighteen.  I have been to all the standard issue, status quo women's ministry conferences and this one has been by far my favorite.

The conference had amazing speakers like Christine Caine, Jen Hatmaker, Jo Cochran, Jennie Allen, Ann VosKamp, Angie Smith and more and more incredible, Godly, authentic speakers. I loved it all!  The biggest reason I loved it was because it wasn't about a "Christian celebrity" but about celebrating Jesus Christ and pursuing the amazing plans that HE had planned for us!  To get beyond focusing on ourselves and our junk and turn our focus on how we can change, challenge and make a difference to the generation that is coming behind us!

The following is a few things that I learned and have been trying to process from the conference.

1.  God is good all the time. That means He is good when life is going great and He is good when life is really hard!

2.  Obedience is just step, by step by step. Jesus said, I am a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.  Nothing dramatic, just simply following step by step!

3. You are not a grasshopper.  You are so much more then you think you are!  You are more!  God has great plans for you!

4. Be the person who God has actually designed you to be.  Stop trying to be someone else!

5. Live in the fullness of our identity in Christ and live in the fullness of our potential. Remember Jeremiah 29:11.  God has great plans for us...plans to give us a hope and a future

6. Sometimes we stay in bondage because freedom seems too scary.   Get over it, move on, we're done!  All of us have junk and baggage that holds us down.  Drop it at the feet of Jesus and move on into an incredible future

7. Moses you servant is dead.  You can not move on into the "Promise land" that God has planned for you when you keep on holding onto your past, no matter how good or bad that past was in your life....move on!

8. When you bash the church you bash the bride of Christ.  No church is perfect.  Churches are made up of dirty, filthy sinners who are trying their best to follow, love and serve the Lord. If you are unhappy in the church you are attending, find another body of believers to join.  The easiest thing to move is your church letter!

9.  Unless you are willing to serve in the unseen, God will not raise you up to a position or platform.  Be willing to work in someones shadow. and serve others before you are go and stand in the spotlight

10.  Keep this book of the law and the word of God always on your lips.  It is not about what such and such speaker, teacher or preacher says, but it is about what the inerrant, infallible WORD of GOD says!

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