Sunday, November 7, 2010

How we would all liketo be treated

In the movie "Radio" the football coach has a very inspiring quote about Radio. He says, "Radio treats everyone the way we wish were treated half the time."

I was reminded of that quote this morning on the way to church. As we were driving to church I asked Ava if she was ready to go to church. I said she would see her teacher Miss Malinda, all her friends and learn about Jesus. Ava then looked at me and said "church", "Mitchell" It made me tear up a little bit. Why you ask? First of all, we have been working really hard on Ava's talking, and to hear her use two words in a row was awesome. But what made me tear up the most was that she said, "Mitchell", when I asked her what friend she was excited to see at church. You see

Michell was created a little be extra special by God. He has cerebral palsy and brings his super cool walker at church. Ava loves Mitchell! Every Sunday she looks for him and they play together in class, he's only run over her once in his walker, ha ha! In fact today, as I was walking by Ava's class she was crying which is unusual because she loves Sunday School. When I picked Ava up I asked the teacher why did she started crying. She said, because Mitchell left. Then as we were leaving church today, Ava saw her buddy Mitchell and reach out and tapped him on the arm.

I love the fact that Ava doesn't care that Mitchell may walk or talk different or get around using a walker. All she knows is that he is her friend and she has fun with him at church I pray that her heart stays tender to those around her that need a little be more love and care. My little miracle baby, made this mama beam with pride today. I am thankful that what I am teacher her about "Love one another", is actually being played out in her little heart and life.